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About Us

About Us:Dahlia_Barn_Salmon_Safe

Farm Direct Dahlia Tubers, Cut Flowers and Perennials!  100% American Grown.  When you buy from us, you are buying direct from our farm.  

Established in 2002, The Dahlia Barn is set on an old horse farm in scenic North Bend, Washington. We offer farm direct dahlia tubers, perennials for your gardens shipped to your home or for farm pick up.  Fresh cut dahlia flowers are available when the dahlias are in bloom, during September through mid October.  

Farm Direct Dahlia Tubers / Perennials

Order your Dahlia tubers and Shade Plants and Sun Plants from July through May direct from this website.  We’ll ship them to you in the spring, when it’s approaching your correct spring planting time.  Ordering early will insure you get the best selection for the season.

Dahlia Tubers – Spring Sales at the barn– For local customers

Freshly divided dahlias

Freshly divided dahlias

We open up our barn the every weekend April through mid May for dahlia tuber & perennial sales.  We have a large display of dahlia tubers to choose from, packaged and labeled with pictures.  Sales are held in our barn at our North Bend location.  Hours:  Fridays-Saturdays-Sundays 11am-4pm weekends April – mid May.  Always closed on Easter Sunday.

Bulk Cut Flower Orders

Please see our Cut Flowers page for more information. Local pick-up only.

Flower Festival held weekends in September every year

Free Admission.  We usually open Labor Day Weekend, please check our website for exact dates year to year.  No dogs in the gardens please.  Our Annual Flower Festival is held every year when our dahlias are in bloom at our North Bend farm.  See our dahlias in bloom, stroll through the gardens to shop for tubers for the following season.  Seeing the dahlias in bloom is a great way to pick out what you’d like to grow next year. We have pre-cut bouquets for $20, a ‘People’s Choice’ dahlia show in the barn, as well as fresh Central WA fruit, soups, dips, soap and other local wares.  North Bend is our sample gardens where we grow small plots of most everything we grow, our 4 acre Thorp farm is where we grow the big quantities of dahlias.  North Bend is also where the barn is located and where all our cut flower and tuber operation is ran from.

Hours for Flower Festival:  Friday-Saturday-Sunday 10:00am-3:00pm weekends in September at our North Bend location.

Self Serve Flower Stand

Visit our Self Serve Flower Stand  OPEN April thru June – CLOSED July and August – RE OPENS – September thru mid October at our North Bend location.  Weekends Only.  Local, in season flower bouquets grown by farmers in the Snoqualmie Valley.  We are happy to work with some of the family farms that supply the Pike Place Market in Seattle.  All bouquets in the stand are $25 each.  Cash-Check-Venmo.  Visit our Self Serve page for more info

Our Thorp location in Central Washington

Our 4 acre Thorp, Washington farm is 70 miles east of North Bend, in the Kittitas Valley of Washington State. Thorp is our production farm where we plant large quantities of dahlias to supply our North Bend operation for both cut flowers and tubers.  The Kittitas Valley is ideal farmland that has almost 300 days a year of sun and outstanding growing conditions for many crops including hay, corn, wheat and potatoes.  The Thorp farm is closed to the public and is for production only.

Cut Flower Season: