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Bulk Cut Flower Orders for Local Weddings – Parties – Events

Dahlia Flower season for us is September through mid October

Why Buy from Us:

We offer some of the freshest flowers in the Seattle, WA and Central WA (Ellensburg/Thorp) area, and a huge variety to choose from.

Anyone can buy flowers from our farm! Bulk cut flowers available for the Do-It-Yourself bride who wants to save money.

We are farm direct to brides, florists and the general public!


$18.00 per bunch of 10 dahlia flowers –  Your choice of flower colors !!


*** Flowers will range in size from 2″-4″ and 4″- 8″ blooms.  

             The best size for bouquets and centerpieces

*** Cafe au Lait variety- $4 per stem

**  See our Wedding Flower Worksheet to help you determine how many bunches you may need

Take a look at our Pinterest page for ideas for bouquets and centerpieces using dahlias!

Minimum Order – 5 bunches – equal to 1 – five gallon bucket full of flowers

 – Need less than 5 bunches?  Drive out to the farm during our Flower Fest in September, and we can set you up with flowers.  *** Local pick up only – We do NOT ship cut flowers

Dahlias we commonly use for cut flower orders:

    These are the best size to work with, most useful for arranging and have a long vase life.

Red – Checkers, Cornel, Red Hat, Ripples, Red Runner and other reds we are growing for 2024

Burgundy – Rip City, Ripples, Diva, Ivanetti and other burgundy we are growing for 2024.

Orange/Peach – A la Mode, Cornel Bronze, Hee Haugh, Jabberbox, Salsa Picante, and Sylvia.

Yellow – Buttercup, Ginger Snap, Hissy Fitz, Polventon Supreme and Puget Sunshine.

Pink – All Cafe au Lait varieties, Caitlins Joy, Chilson’s Pride, Coralee, Colorado Classic, Hawaii, HH Candystripe, Pinelands Princess, Sandra, Sea Electra, Sweet Love, Sweet Nathalie and others we are growing for 2024.

Purple – Diva, Ferncliff Illusion, Ivanetti, Laughing Lizza, Lilac Time, Mr Jimmy, Ripples and other varieties.

White – Eveline, Gitts Attention, Last Dance, Snowbound and White Fawn.

***  When you buy from us, you are guaranteed the colors and flowers you need for your special event. Order early to get the best selection of colors, we do have weekends where we completely sell out.

Payment Options:

We accept Visa/MC/Discover/AMEX, cash or check.  You can pay in full or put a 50% deposit down for your order.  The balance of your order must be paid in full one month before your pick up date.  Orders under $200 must be paid in full when the order is placed.

How do I choose what dahlias I need:

We’ll help you with that.  Tell us your colors and we know exactly which ones will work best for you within your color scheme.

When to order:

We’ll begin taking orders for September through mid October 2024 on June 1st every year.  Flowers are reserved on a first come, first served basis.  Space is Limited – Ordering early will insure you get the colors you need on pick up day.  Send us an email to start your order at  info@dahliabarn.com

How to order cut flowers:

Please call our office or send us an email at info@dahliabarn.com and let us know what colors you would like and we can answer any questions you have.

How many bunches do I need?

We find weddings usually range from 10 – 30 bunches.  10 bunches for the bride that just wants bouquets for her and her bridesmaids, and a few vases filled with flowers.  The 40 bunch bride wants everything, bouquets, bouts and centerpiece arrangements.  10 bunches is equal to 2 – five gallon buckets and 30 bunches is 6 five gallon buckets filled with flowers.

Wedding orders, click on the link below for helpful information.


Visit our Pinterest page for great ideas – YouTube link is on our home page

How long are the stems:

We cut long stems so that you have plenty to work with.  Plus, it’s much healthier for our plants.  Our stems are cut at 18″ – 24″ in length and the flower size ranges from 2″ – 4″ and 4″ – 6″ across, which is easiest to work with and arrange.

How long do dahlia cut flowers last ?:

Our dahlias will last  6-7 days after pick up when kept cool and shaded.  An air conditioned room if the weather is warm works well.

When to Pick up?

Pick up hours for our North Bend location:

     Fridays – as early as 6:00am, just let us know what time you’ll be here and we’ll have your flowers ready.

All other days at our North Bend farm – by appointment. (no Thursday mornings/early afternoon pick up)

Pick up hours for our Thorp location:  Thursdays between 6:00am – Noon work best for pick up times at our Thorp location.

What to expect on pick up day:

  1. We have your order set aside for you, ready to go in bunches of 10 stems.

  2. Please bring one – 5 gallon bucket for every 5 bunches you’d like. For example, if you’d like 25 bunches, please bring 5 buckets. We’ll transfer the dahlias from our buckets to yours, and help you load your flowers for safe travel.  You are welcome to send someone out to pick up your flowers.  

  3. Please bring an enclosed vehicle on pick up day.

Storing your dahlias after pick up:

Dahlias just need to be cool and shaded.  An air conditioned room works well to keep them before and after arranging.

 Cancelled Orders:

10% cancellation fee on all orders to cover credit card fees.

We’re Green !!  Pesticide Free, Eco-Friendly and a Certified Salmon Safe Farm !!

A few examples how brides have used our dahlias to fill their weddings !