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Fertilizing for Growth & Bloom – 30% off End of Season Sale continues

Posted on: June 3rd, 2023 by Aimee Sherrill

There’s an old saying in the dahlia world that says, “Fertilizer Makes Foliage and Water Makes Bloom”  If there’s too much nitrogen in the soil, the plant will create a lot of foliage and not a lot of bloom.  It’s very important that you use the right low nitrogen fertilizer early in the season.  If you did not fertilize when you planted, now is the timeFertilize now and then again in 30 days.  Low Nitrogen granular fertilizer in the 5-10-10 range is best.  Low first number (low nitrogen) will create more bloom.  When choosing organic fertilizer, whatever you’d like, always choose a low first number.

What does the 3 numbers on the fertilizer package mean?:

1st number – Nitrogen – promotes green foliage

2nd number – Phosphorous – good for root growth

3rd number – Potassium – overall plant health

Organic fertilizers

If you can find Espoma fertilizers, FlowerTone or Bone Meal is what we like to use as an organic fertilizer.  Organics are slow release and will slowly release nutrients all season.

For more information on all the Espoma fertilizers, visit their website at www.espoma.com

Other Beneficial fertilizers to add to your soil:

Iron: will cause the leaves to be greeener.  Soils that are low in iron cause the dahlias to have slight yellowing to the veins.

Epsom Salt:  Soils low in magnesium can cause yellowing of the veins.

If you use Espomas’ Flower Tone, it already has iron and epsom salt.

For more information on Dahlia Care, visit our page on our website or continue reading our blog.


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