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Dahlia Barn History Part 2

Posted on: October 31st, 2013 by Aimee Sherrill

Before we dive into the tuber harvest, I wanted to expand on a little bit more of our history.  In looking back on old pictures, I am amazed and proud

Dahlia Barn garden building 2004

Dahlia Barn garden building 2004

at the journey that The Dahlia Barn has taken us on.  I’ve been looking back on the building of our original gardens, from what it was in the beginning to what it is now.  The building of the soil over the years has been our biggest accomplishment.  We did have a

Creating front garden 2004

Creating front garden 2004

Todays front garden 2013#2

The front garden today

good base to start with as most of the property was horse pasture for many years.  But dahlias do take a lot out of the soil too, and soils need to be amended every year. Today, when we till in the spring, our soil always reminds me of a freshly baked chocolate cake.  It takes years to fully accomplish this, but it is all about your soil.  Plants are only as healthy as the soil that they are planted in.  I had a professor in college tell me, ” if you spend on dollar on your plant, spend ten dollars on your soil.”  The front garden was built last and is the main garden that people see first as they drive into our farm.  Initially, and for years before us, it was nothing but grass and a place to park vehicles.  It has transformed from a parking lot to one of the main focal points of The Dahlia Barn.  When I look at this picture, it makes me smile.  I see Jerry tilling the first row of this new garden, he’s so young, his hair is all black, our daughter Lauren was a newborn, only 2 months old at this time.  Now, Lauren is 9 and Jerry is far more grey today, than he was here.  Self employment and children will do that to a person, I say that lightly and jokingly.

The harvest is upon us and is beginning this weekend.  I’ll be back for lots more good information very soon.  Thank you for reading and Happy Halloween!!

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