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Dahlia Dividing Basics

Posted on: January 14th, 2018 by Aimee Sherrill

How Do I Divide My Tubers?:   

    If you dug and stored your dahlias in the fall, now is the time to check on them to see how the tubers are surviving the winter season.

   If you have plump, healthy tuber clumps, you can divide them now or wait until planting time gets closer for dividing.  After dividing your dahlias, you want to let them sit out in the cool air for their fresh cuts to dry before putting back away into storage.

   If you have clumps that are rotted, it’s probably time to start shopping for some new dahlia tubers for spring.  There is no saving a rotten tuber.

   If they are shriveled, the humidity is low in the area they are in.  If the area has a concrete floor, spray the floor down with water to raise the humidity.  There is still time to save them, you can try to spritz them with water and put them back in storage.  The best thing in this case, is to leave the clump intact and don’t divide until it gets closer to planting time.  That will hold all the available moisture in the clump for now.

     Here’s a helpful video from Dahlia Barn owner, Jerry Sherrill, on how to correctly divide your tuber clumps.


How do I know if the tuber has an eye?:

   Take a close look at the picture below.  The black ‘craters’ or dots, are the eye of the tuber.  The eyes are only on the swollen part that is attached to last years stem.  If you don’t get a piece of the swollen part, chances are your tuber will not sprout because it won’t have an eye.  Unlike potatoes that have eyes all over the tuber, the eyes on a dahlia is only within the swollen part that is attached to last years stem.

Check out our ‘Dahlia Care’ page for more information on dividing your tubers and preparing your soil for spring.

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