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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Dahlia Tubers:

Freshly divided dahlias

Freshly divided dahlias

You are buying your tubers direct from the dahlia growers and the direct from the farm.  Our tubers are plump, healthy single division tubers with at least one live eye.  We have pictured labels with good information such as plant height, flowers size, etc on the label to help you create a gorgeous dahlia garden.

Can I order dahlia tubers & perennials now?

Yes!  Our website is open for Spring 2020 orders now.

When do you ship:

We do one spring shipment per year.  We plant in late spring, grow all summer, harvest in the fall, divide and prepare the tubers and perennials for shipping in winter.  Then ship out the orders in the spring, when it’s approaching the correct planting time for your area.

How are the dahlias & perennials packaged?:

Our dahlias & perennials are packaged with full color labels with all the necessary information like how tall they grow, bloom size and type.  All labels include a color picture of the plant.

Do you ship to Canada?:

No, sorry we do not ship to Canada.

Do you wholesale?:

No, sorry we do not wholesale.

Do you pay when you order or when you ship?:

When you order, this reserves your dahlias for spring shipment.

Pick up orders:

We open up the barn every weekend in April for pick up orders and dahlia tuber sales in the barn.  We’ll send you a reminder email prior to opening in April.

When are cut flowers available:

Our dahlias are in full bloom from September through mid October.  Our Self Serve Flower Stand typically opens mid to late August.

 When is Dahlia Barn open to the public?:

We open up when it’s tuber season and when the dahlias are in bloom.  Dahlia Tuber/Perennial Sales are held in the barn every weekend in April.  We open up again when the flowers are in bloom, weekends in September for our annual Flower Festival.

Office Hours:

We do try to keep normal office hours.  Sometimes the farm will take us away for part of the day, but please leave a message or send an email to info@dahliabarn.com

Do you have Gift Certificates available?:

Yes we do.  There is a link on our homepage or please click here to order Gift Certificates 


We guarantee to provide you with a tuber that has at least one live eye and will grow when given the proper conditions.  Our dahlias are guaranteed to be free from virus and disease and we are a no pesticide, Salmon Safe farm.  In your box of tubers, there will be detailed planting instructions that when followed, you will grow dahlias successfully.  There are so many factors, once the tubers leave our farm that are beyond our control.  We are not responsible for customer mistakes in growing dahlias.  Please see our ‘Dahlia Care‘ page for detailed instructions on how to grow your dahlias.

Cancelled orders:

Subject to a 10% cancellation fee to cover online credit card processing fees and restocking.