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Hello to Fall ‘Flower Festival’ at The Dahlia Barn

Posted on: September 26th, 2014 by Aimee Sherrill

After 11 years of being open to the public for U-Cut Dahlias, we now are finding the need to take The Dahlia Barn in a different direction.  Now that we are entering the adolescent, U-Cut flower signteenage years here at the farm, we’re finding the need to do some discipline and make some changes to our business.  U-Cut has been a great way to get our name out there and to have people enjoy a visit out to our farm.  What we are finding is an increased demand for farm fresh flowers could easily take every flower we grow every week of the flower season.

We also need to gear our gardens towards the amount of people that want to view our dahlias and shop for tubers for the following season.  Dahlia tubers is the biggest part of The Dahlia Barn and generates the most earnings.  Our tuber customers are the most valuable and the gardens are set up for the tuber shopper.  They are very organized, well labeled with the dahlia name and the tuber price.  We even have our gardens planted by color.  This way you can view all the reds we have available, whites are in another section, oranges, pinks, etc.  We make it at easy as possible for our tuber customers.  With the gardens also being U-Cut gardens, it’s sometimes difficult for the tuber customer to see the dahlias in full bloom and to get a really good idea of how the flower really looks.

gardens_2014_dahlia_barnLooking forward to the future, we always want to share our gardens with the general public.  What we are moving towards is more of a Dahlia ‘Flower Festival‘ at The Dahlia Barn.  A festival that could take place during September when dahlias in the Pacific Northwest are at their absolute best.  Some thoughts are to have fresh cut dahlia bouquets available, possibly some food vendors and a novice ‘Dahlia Show’ that would be ‘Peoples Choice’.  A place for local gardeners to display the dahlias they have grown, in our barn for the public to view and vote for which dahlia they like best!  We have a year to work out the details and we are sure to make it a fun time for all.


This weekend, September 27-28, 2014 will be the last of the U-Cut gardens.  We’ll be open Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm for anyone who is within driving distance from our farm.  We want to thank all of our U-Cut customers and we hope you have enjoyed all the experiences you’ve had with us.

A big Thank You!

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  1. Tomi weddleton says:

    We are new to the northwest, arriving from San Diego a year ago. I grew three Fred Meyer dahlias last summer, and fell in love! I can’t wait to see what you have to offer, and thrilled that you are relatively close by!

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