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Begonia – Orange – Ruffled

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Beautiful 4″ ruffled deep, dark orange bloom.  Lower grower to 12″ in height and perfect for containers.  Jumbo 2″ tuber.

Growers Notes:

  • Begonias are planted in spring when the weather warms
  • Prefers to be planted in containers and hanging baskets in mostly shady areas
  • Plant in good quality potting soil with peat moss and perlite content
  • Plant shallow, just 1″ below the soil.  Plant crater side up, round root size down
  • Plant in an area that receives mostly shade, or morning sun/afternoon shade
  • Water – Let the soil dry between waterings.  Deep soak every 2-3 days
  • Fertilize every 2 weeks with a 15-30-15 ratio water soluble fertilizer – Miracle Gro
  • Use an organic fertilizer like Espoma Bulb Tone at planting and mid season
  • Dig up before the weather freezes. Tubers are tender and planted shallow.
  • Let dry until bone dry, and store for winter in wood shavings in temps around 40-50 degrees


   You can save your begonia bulbs year after year by digging and storing for winter.  The tuber will not make more tubers, as begonias are planted from seed to grow new tubers.  What will happen is the tuber will get bigger every year. 

The bigger the begonia bulb, the earlier it will bloom.


Specified Color
Dark orange
12" - 18"
Foliage Color
Dark, Green Foliage
Best left on the plant
Sun / Shade
Mostly Shade
Flowering Months
Approx 90 days after planting
AmeriHybrid Begonia, Jumbo 2" tuber
Potting soil
Planting Depth
1" below soil
Container Friendly
Best Planted in a Container
Deer Resistant
Yes, Yes, but protect from deer
Water every 2-3 days during the growing season