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Long stems for cutting.  Jabberbox has a beautiful flower that starts out raspberry pink when it begins to bloom.  As summer turns to fall, it changes into mostly peachy coral color.  Good bloomer and tuber producer.   A dahlia we could not do without and a dahlia we have grown since the beginning of Dahlia Barn.

Growers Notes:

  • Dahlias are planted in spring after the soil has warmed up to 60 degrees
  • Plant when night time temperatures are consistently in the 50’s
  • Plant around the same time you would plant corn, potatoes and other warm season crops
  • Plant dahlia tubers in an area that receives 6-8 hours of sunlight per day
  • No extra water until sprout is 5”-6” tall, normal spring rains will give all the moisture it needs
  • After the dahlia sprout is 6”, deep soak every 2-3 days
Overall Color
Specified Color
Bloom Size
Up to 4" (M)
Formal Decorative (FD)
4 feet
Foliage Color
Good Cut Flower
Sun / Shade
Full Sun - 6 hours +
Flowering Months
Approx 90 days after planting
Single Tuber
Well drained soil
Planting Depth
4"- 6" deep - Plant horizontal
Container Friendly
Best Planted in a Garden Bed
Deer Resistant
Yes, but protect from deer
Deep soak every 2-3 days after sprout is up and during the growing season, no watering until sprout is 6"